Tone Is Everything


I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for The Reading Bud yesterday, and I wanted to share a taste of it here. If you are a writer (or a reader who loves to understand the nuts and bolts) you'll want to click the link below to read the full post.

Here's a preview:

Tones are categories that characterize the dimension of a given text, the emotion that must be evoked in the reader. They, therefore, define the scope and usefulness of a literary text.

The tone of a text is a particular way of telling an event. By using different methods of writing and highlighting certain themes, it is possible to provoke in the reader or spectator various emotions: laughter, sadness, anguish, terror … The tone of a text Does not necessarily depend on its genre – a novel, for example, can be comic and pathetic. In a text, one can meet the tones tragic, pathetic, lyrical, epic, comic, ironic, fantastic …

Furthermore, the tone is everything your text needs to stand out. Some Types of tone and its uses include:

  1. Tragic tone

The tragic tone is the tone of terror/fright and pity. It is a frequent tone in classical tragedy and in the theater of the twentieth century.

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